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Nail Trims

Full-Body Shave

Nail Polish & Nail Caps

Breed Specified Grooming/ Trims

Anal Gland Expression

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Our Groomers

Jessica Myers

Jessica has been grooming for over 5 years, recently as a manager of a multi-groomer pet salon. Some of her favorite pets to groom include Yorkies, Shih tzus and Golden Retrievers, but she loves bathing and grooming all the fur-babies, including cats! In her free time, she prefers to be outdoors. Hiking and fishing are just a couple of her favorite hobbies.

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Sheri Reynolds

Sheri has been grooming for 8 years and joined AMC in the summer of 2018. She now grooms full time with us and absolutely loves doing it. When she isn’t making your pooch look it’s best, you can find her working in her garden or tending to her many pets on her small farm. Sheri has a genuine affection for all animals and it shows in her hard work and
dedication with everything she touches.

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